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How the custom cutting process works


  1. Make a full-sized drawing to scale of the flat part(s) you want to have made with as many dimensions and measurements as possible and then email it to us for a free quote. The more accurate and precise the drawing is, the better the final parts will turn out. Also, when you send us your drawing, include the material type, material thickness, and quantity of parts you need cut out. Example: (1/4” thick mild steel, 10 pieces). There are many ways this can be done. Here are just a few examples.
  • Make a cardboard template of the part you want, trace onto paper, add dimensions
  • Hand sketch entire part onto paper with dimensions
  • Draw the part in a simple computer drawing, art, graphic software
  • Draw the part using CAD software (send us a DXF file)
  1. Once you have your drawing with dimensions complete, email it to us for a quote. This can also be done in multiple ways. Here are just a few examples.
  • Scan your drawing and send it us as a PDF or JPG
  • If you’re using your computer to make your drawing and are having a hard time saving or copying the picture, try taking a screen shot or a Snip and then save the picture as a JPG.
  • You can also simply take a close-up picture of your drawing with your cell phone and send it to us as a JPG


  1. After we receive your drawing, we will use it to make a CAD drawing. We will then send you a picture of the CAD drawing with dimensions for your review and approval before giving a price quote or cutting out any parts. Once you decide the CAD drawing is exactly what you are wanting, we can give you prices. Then you place your order, the parts are cut out and shipped to you. This entire custom process only takes a day or two. A lot of the waiting time is dependent on how fast the customer responds back to our emails. We might need to ask a question about a measurement on your custom part and if it takes a week for you to reply back with an answer every time we email you with a question, it will take a long time before you get your parts shipped to you.

You draw it and we cut it!

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